Hotshot Charters heads to Great Barrier Reef in Pursuit of Giant Black Marlin

Blue Marlin

Hotshot heading North and already marlin action

So far as we head up the coast to the Great Barrier Reef for our Cairns 2017 Giant black marlin season we have been pretty lucky.

The weather has been absolutely glamour and we have made great time. We should be in the Whitsundays by tomorrow afternoon.

Lots of whale sittings and we are marking a lot of bait on our new Furuno Package. Please check out their  page here and be sure to give them a like!

Along the way we had the heavy tackle gear out on the first day just outside of Faiser Island. During our blue marlin fishing session we were awarded with a beautiful 600lb blue that gave us a show on the leader!

We caught her on a tantrum lg tube in purple.

For more info on Tantrum check out link

Check out the little snippet below!

600lb Blue Marlin

Side blue marlin

Blue 600


And this was only on day one! We ended that day 1-2 on blue and also raised a stripe.

Day two proved to be another day for marlin. This time we were lucky to get a very early (just out of bed) bite. We moved inshore a bit and had out our light tackle spin rods! This little guy as well put on a great show for us! We had out our Pakula Lures and as usual they produced!

For more info on Pakula Lures see link below

Check out the attitude of this fella below

Black marlin

Black marlin on a spin rod

juvenile black marlin

Black  juvenile

Juvenile black marlin

Juvenile black

So this brings us up to date! No telling what today will bring us! Thats the great thing about fishing… You never know, any second that dream fish can bite!

We would also like to thank our new friends at Inkedfishing

for our amazing new gear! Please check them out!!!


And for all your fishing needs

Also thank you to Spotters Sun glasses for all their support during 2017

Stay tuned for more updates and we still have a few days open for our Cairns 2017 season contact us for dates and prices

Tight Lines

Team Hotshot