Gold Coast Boys Rock the Reef

700 black marlin

The Gold Coast boys came out to join us on Hotshot Charters for the week.

We just spent 5 fun filled days fishing the boys from back home on the Gold Coast.

Not only did they bring the fun but also the mojo!

We started the first out after departing from  Cooktown, with a bang going 2-3  on black marlin.


We followed up day 2 with going even better with a crazy day of fishing… We had 5 bites going 2-3 including 1 from a double at 700 lbs! And another spitting the hooks just short of the leader!

Day 3  was a bit slow but the boys had a great swim exploring the waters with a swim on the Great Barrier Reef.

They came back strong on day 4 again going 3 for 3 on black marlin!

Our last day stayed true to course. As we left the bottom end of the ribbons traveling back to Cooktown the boys managed to catch 2 more marlin. This gave them a total of 9 fish in just 5 days!

Looking forward to seeing them again and catching some blue marlin back on the Gold Coast.

700 Black Marlin

Matt on leader of 700lb black marlin

700 black marlin

DJ’s 700lb black marlin

350 black marlin

Jakes 350lb black marlin


Cameron’s GT

350 black marlin

Tagging a 350 black marlin

Big Waves

Taking a bit of water in sporty conditions.