Hotshot Fishing for Giants

fishing for giants

Fishing for Giants on board Hotshot Charters

Hotshot charters has just returned back ¬†to Cooktown after fishing the last 5 days with Bill and Mick from Melbourne. Our goal was to fish for giants…. And we did!

Our first day out was a late start. We managed to stock up on some bait doing a leisurely stroll out to the top of the ribbons.

The next day we headed out and the water looked fantastic and the weather was glamour.

We set Mick up for the chair and set the baits out.

After about 20 minutes into trolling we saw the tip of a dorsal go blazing past the centre bait at speed…

Well Captain Sparra did a turn and up pops a giant marlin.

The bite as lazy as it was … well lets just say this big girl wasn’t in a hurry…

We had her on…

Mick got into the chair and off we go!

He did an amazing job fishing this big girl and she gave us a hell of a fight.

We had the leader the first time in about 15 minutes. But she wasn’t ready to give up jumping away…

The show she gave us on the leader was amazing! We fought her for a bit longer and got her on the leader for a second time.

This time she dug in and it was like trying to lift a mac truck. She keep her head down and managed to get away again.

Finally we thought we had her beat! But as we got ahold of the leader a third time she gave it one last full body leap out of the water and (being hooked on a circle) she managed to pinch thru the leader.

This Giant one is out there still swimming!

Bill managed to get 2 marlin as well going 150 and 600!

Next Time…